15 - 30 KVA

Kirlosker diesel generators in chennai

For intermediate ratings, kindly contact nearest KOEL office


^ Tolerances Apply

*With 0.845 Specific Gravity of diesel ( 5 % Tolerance )

** Efficiency of Alternator as per standards IS 4722 and IEC 34-1 For Site Conditions other than standard operating conditions consult KOEL for available prime power.

Prime rating and Stand‐by rating1

Kirlosker diesel generators in chennai'Prime power' is designed for Unlimited hours, as compared to 'Emergency stand-by' designed for 200 hours in a year. Prime rated Gensets also permit 10% temporary overloading. Users need to carefully select the Genset rating to meet their requirement. KOEL offers Prime power as standard offer. Contact KOEL for stand-by ratings.

Engine capacity does matter2

Kirlosker diesel generators in chennaiEngine capacity (cc) plays a vital role in Genset performance. Higher engine capacity leads to a robust and stable Genset performance.

Higher engine capacity also enables Genset to respond quickly & positively to sudden load additions.

Koel's approach to meet revised CPCB norms

Revised CPCB norms are aimed at protecting the environment by reducing Genset emissions and improving enission quality.These are some of the most stringent emission norms in the world

To meet the new norms, KOEL R & D team had choice of multiple technologies. While selecting the technology, KOEL laid significant emphasis on long term needs of users viz:

  • High reliability and durability of Gensets: Owing to extreme opera & ng conditions in India, preference has been given to robust configurations that have been running successfully for several years.
  • Low running costs: An effort to reduce emissions tends to increase the running costs. KOEL has succeeded in achieving both in the same design.
  • Optimized fuel efficiency as per actual usage: KOEL Green Gensets are tuned to provide maximum fuel efficiency in the most common operating band. At KOEL, we call it O2E series (Optimal Operating Efficiency).
  • Affordable, On‐site support: Proven technology ensures that product support is available close‐by, without waiting for a specialist. KOEL team has taken special efforts to keep complex technologies at bay, which may require high on‐site maintenance costs

All this, while keeping the initial costs within the reach of a smart Genset buyer