320-750 KVA

Kirlosker diesel generators in chennai

For intermediate ratings, kindly contact nearest KOEL office


^ Tolerances Apply

*With 0.845 Specific Gravity of diesel ( 5 % Tolerance )

** Efficiency of Alternator as per standards IS 4722 and IEC 34-1 For Site Conditions other than standard operating conditions consult KOEL for available prime power.

Prime rating and Stand‐by rating1

Kirlosker diesel generators in chennai'Prime power' is designed for Unlimited hours, as compared to 'Emergency stand-by' designed for 200 hours in a year. Prime rated Gensets also permit 10% temporary overloading. Users need to carefully select the Genset rating to meet their requirement. KOEL offers Prime power as standard offer. Contact KOEL for stand-by ratings.

Engine capacity does matter2

Kirlosker diesel generators in chennaiEngine capacity (cc) plays a vital role in Genset performance. Higher engine capacity leads to a robust and stable Genset performance.

Higher engine capacity also enables Genset to respond quickly & positively to sudden load additions.

Kirlosker diesel generators in chennai

1. Canopy

  • Ease of Access and Serviceability
  • Aesthetically designed, weather and sound resistant enclosure
  • Insulation conforms to UL94-HF1 class for flammability

2. Controller

  • Microprocessor based fully configured
  • Graphical bigger LCD display
  • Best in class monitoring and diagnostic
  • Integrable with AMF, synchronization & communication configurations

3. Engine

  • O2E Series: Low emission, high efficiency engines
  • Compact, Robust and Rugged Design
  • 500 hours lube-oil change period

4. Alternator

  • Best In Class Efficiency
  • Special Windings to Reduce Harmonics
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation and epoxy gel coating on winding
  • Integral set ‐ mounted radiator system, designed & tested for 50⁰Cambient temperature

1. Monitoring Features

  • Phase Voltages & Currents, Frequency, Reverse power, Genset kVA , KW, KVAr , KWH, Power Factor, Canopy Temperature
  • Lube oil Pressure, Engine Temperature RPM, Run Hours, No. of starts, Fuel Level, Auto / Manual Stop, AMF feature
  • Battery charge condition
  • Modbus communication, Remote Monitoring

Optional Features

Kirlosker diesel generators in chennai

  • Synchronization

Diagnostic Features

KG745 Controller

Kirlosker diesel generators in chennai

  • Battery charging failure, Over/Under speed, Over Current, Over/Under Voltage, Over KW, Phase Seq., Phase missing, Mains Under voltage, Earth Fault trip, Fuel level Alarm
  • Low lube oil Pressure , High Engine Temperature, Low/High battery voltage, Low Fuel Level, Over Crank protection, Routine Maint. indicator, Genset Test Facility, Mains Frequency, Fail to crank

Being in control of your Genset is certainly a winning edge!